Big Brother Rumor Central: June 2007

Big Brother Rumor Central

Rumors!! We get Rumors. We get Rumors each and every daaaaayyyyy! Amazing how a single show that everyone has the same 24/7 access to can spawn sooo many different rumors. On this page, nothing is sacred, even less is substantiated... and very likely 99% is complete and utter bs, but ya never know... just like a supermarket tabloid. All Big Brother RUMORS will be printed.

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Saturday, June 30, 2007

More Possible Big Brother 8 Pairs

From the Constant Chatter forum, possible pairs:

    Carol & Jessica - both squad dancers; possible enemies.
    Daniele & Dick - daughter/father, as previously stated.
    Dustin & Joe - both from Chicago and both gay ; possibly exes?
    Jen & Mike - possibly exes; also in addition to being a nanny, she's a bikini model.
    Nick & Dustin - grew up 65 miles from Dustin; may be gay - based on some MySpace references (say it aint so!! sigh.. ah well, wouldn't be the first time.).
    Zach & Jameka - both have ties to Florida (but who is the past couple seasons hasn't?!)

Son of Dick

I saw this on RealityBBQ, then went to confirm it with my own eyes. I'm reasonably sure this is a breech of contract, but Dick's son has spilled the beans, confirming the father-daughter relationship before CBS released it. Confidentiality Agreements be damned, apparently. Here's what Dick's son Vincent has to say:

    Friday, June 29, 2007

    I am on Big Brother!
    Current mood: cheerful

    Hi everyone! This is Dicks son Vincent. He left me in charge of his myspace account while he is gone to help keep is friends updated with what is going on.

    At this point my sister Daniele is also in the house, but neither of them know the other one is in [the house] yet.

    I will be ignoring all friend requests and messages but will be responding to replies to bulletins.

Incase he deletes it, here's the link and screenshot. Clicking on the pic will enlarge it so it's legible.

and closer...

OK, if this wasn't enough, either Vincent, or someone claiming to be Vincent is posting like a madman here.

Friday, June 29, 2007

America's Mole

From RealityBBQ

According to someone who has proven to be a very well informed source:

    "One last bit. America's Mole is a guy. Remember, they say the best spies are the ones you would never expect.
    And yes, I was that kid who poked at the monkey. Enjoy.
    See you thursday night!"

Funny, I wasn't thinking of him/her/it as a Mole. More as a puppet.
Now that we have the bios, anyone care to speculate on who it might be? The one we would never expect... and hopefully the one the other HGs would never suspect...

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Possible Second BB Twist.

This comes from a member of my group. How awesome would it be if we got to evict someone? Julie did say the second twist involves us. Could this be true?

the other twist is like some "america's player" where viewers get to vote for one house guest to accomplish a task the viewers pick. the player in the game inturn receives an amount of money. some of the things they mentioned was voting someone out, flirting with someone, kissing someone, etc

From Dicks Myspace

This comes from Jokers.. I cleaned up the language a bit. I think Dick just might live up to his name. :)

What is it here? Is it just here? Or does it just come with a vagina?Are all girls ***** nuts?Seriously..... I just don't get it. Anytime I meet someone who I think might have some potential, they show me they are nuts in no time. I am glad that it does happen quickly, so there are really no ties or ***** to deal with, but still.....I know I am no prize.... But what the *****?I have my issues, probly the worst one where it comes to girls is that I am way too independent for them to deal with. I don't really go places with friends, I meet them out. I don't wanna be responsible for them or any of their *****, I don't wanna have to get stuck keeping track of anyone, I don't wanna have to get stuck babysitting anyone that thinks because they asked me to drive gives them the greenlight to become a drunken ***** that I have to be responsible for.I go out alone and like it that way.But that is a small part of the problem.The bigger part of the problem is that every ***** girl I meet is a ***** head case. Why do girls want to manipulate you, play ***** guilt head games, and want to make you feel bad about some ***** or another?To all people with a vagina that are reading this....YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE THE ***** CENTER OF ATTENTION 100% OF THE TIME.I ***** UP AND ALWAYS WILL ***** UP, YOU ARE NO BETTER.YOUR PU*** IS NOT THE GOLDEN GOOSE, IT DOES NOT LAY GOLDEN EGGS (and sometimes isn't even that good a lay, period.)ALCOHOL IS LARGE QUANTITIES, IS NOT YOUR FRIEND...... REALLY, IT'S NOTDON'T TELL ME HOW I FEEL ABOUT THE PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE, PEOPLE, PLACES, THINGS, WHO I AM, OR ANYTHING ELSE....... I AM NOT SHY, I SAY HOW I FEEL AND YOU DO NOT KNOW THESE THINGS BETTER THAN I DO.... NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU TELL ME YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL BETTER THAN I DO.IF I SAY YOU ARE BLOWING IT....... or, YOU ARE ***** THIS UP.....DON'T TELL ME NO YOUR NOT. BECAUSE IF I FEEL YOU ARE, YOU ARE.... NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK, YOU ARE.... AND IF IT CONTINUES, YOU WON'T BE AROUND MUCH LONGER.IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU ***** ME ON THE FIRST DATE OR THE FIFTH. IF YOU ARE ***** NUTS, I AM GONNA FIGURE IT OUT EVENTUALLY AND WILL END IT THEN, NO MATTER IF WE HAVE ***** NONSTOP OR NOT AT ALL. SO GET OVER THAT IDEA.NO, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME TO SLEEP OVER NAKED IN MY BED WITH NO INTENTION OF ***** ME. IF YOU ARE NAKED IN MY BED, I AM GONNA C** WITH OR WITHOUT YOUR HELP.YES, I HAVE ***** HOTTER GIRLS THAN YOU, I AM SURE YOU HAVE ***** HOTTER GUYS THAN ME.... SO ***** WHAT? IF THEY WERE THAT ***** GOOD I WOULD STILL BE WITH HER AND YOU WOULD STILL BE WITH HIM. GET THE ***** OVER IT.DON'T COME OUT WITH ME AND MY FRIENDS AND DO ***** TO TRY AND COME BETWEEN OUR FRIENDSHIP. I WILL NEVER LET THAT HAPPEN, YOU WILL BE GONE A LONG TIME BEFORE THEM.... TRUST ME ON THIS.DON'T READ THIS MYSPACE AND THINK YOU HAVE ME ALL FIGURED OUT, I AM MUCH MORE COMPLICATED THAN THAT.I WILL NOT BE ABLE, NOR DO I WANT TO CHANGE WHO I AM FOR YOU.Can't women just enjoy having fun with someone, especially in the beginning?The older I get, the faster I see red flags. Sometimes I ignore them questioning myself, but in the end, I am right.Why did it seem much easier when I was younger? Was I that willing to put up with that much *****? Looking back, probly so.I resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn't find a girl I want to spend time with (girlfriend) until I move to Europe and the more girls I date, the more I believe it as the truth.I don't care where you came from, you are here now and maybe it is in the water.... but it is definitely making every person with a vagina ***** crazy.

1st Possible Enemies Found

Dick and Daniele.

Someone on the boards at Reality BBQ discovered this one:

"I haven't been a great dad. My daughter hasn't spoken to me for about a quarter of her life. Part her fault, part mine... but, yes... I am the adult, well now we both are, but point is made. We have, or she has always had a love hate relationship with me. I think she gets me, but she doesn't. Is that her fault? I am fucked up, how is she supposed to get that? How is she supposed to understand that? She has been an adolescent teenage girl, she is now 20, how am I supposed to get that?"

Daniele is 20 years old. These pictures show the two of them together.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Yet Another New Big Brother 8 Twist

One of our myspace friends just sent this. Rather an authoritative voice to it... Take it for what it's worth.

    That's not the only twist.
    You ever wonder what it would be like if
    you could tell a House Guest what to do?


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

BB8 Through the Looking Glass

We ought to know for sure tomorrow, but we may just have a sneak peak at the new decor of the Big Brother 8 house.

From Reality BBQ...

    We had a walk through of the house last week.

    It has an Alice in Wonderland theme. The colors are pastel and very bright. This house will pop! The bug room is now a room for "big people" and through a small door is a room for "little people". The Love/Hate room is now "The Harem". The back yard is filled with animal shaped bushes. The wall upstairs's wallpaper is a summer northeastern forest.

    It was all quite beautiful.

Hmm.. big people and little people... I'm having images of the Roloffs and the (Shaquille) O'Neals.

Nudity WILL be allowed on "After Dark!"

I think this is a bit much? We'll see if it happens soon.

"American Big Brother Will Allow Nudity This Season"Big Brother is going balls-out in its return this summer-- literally-- as CBS simultaneously launches an almost-uncensored spin-off series on cable. Big Brother: After Dark will feature a live, unedited feed from the "Big Brother" house, three three hours a night (midnight til 3 am ET/PT) on ShoToo, Showtime's widely available companion net.With so many cameras in the house capturing multiple storylines, an online producer will decide which camera views audiences will see. But producers are making it clear that profanity and nudity will be allowed. Up until Big Brother season 5 in 2004, nudity was allowed on the show's webcast on most contestants did a good job hiding their naked bodies from the cameras, four notable contestants went full frontal: 35 year old restaurant hostess Tonya Paoni, 22 year old retail manager Allison Irwin, 26 year old bartender and winner of BB3 Lisa Donahue, and the most nudity came from 23 year old real estate appraiser Amy Crews, who frequently walked around the house completely naked. The new season begins July 5th.

Press Day is Wednesday!

Word has it, tomorrow is press day. Pics, names, theme/twist, etc should become available... Let the rumors begin! ;)

Monday, June 25, 2007

BB Cast List a Phony

OK, either the cast list that's been circulating is a phony, or someone's lying her tushy off and doing a tidy bit of cover-up. Here's the latest:

BB casting director calls rumored list "made up"

In an interview with Live Wire, Big Brother casting director Robyn Kass said the rumored houseguest list hitting the web is a fake.

"I find the internet very amusing," Kass said. "No one on our cast is listed here and I never even interviewed any of these people. [It is] completely made up, but interesting!"

Come on, CBS, where's the website!!??!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

possible list of houseguests...take it for what its pictures

This comes from Jokers..Could this be true ? I still think we know some house guests. Time will tell..

Cast list leaked from a call sheet. I only got a few minutes glance at the list but this is what I got from it. no pictures sorry. short bios were underneath their pictures. and for anyone that doesn’t know POSSIBLY spoilers follow.Tara Bourke - young good looking has an extremely nice body --- youngest houseguestTiffany Dalton - oldish black womanRodger (No last name)- older Asian male. Teacher at some school.Carol Ricardi - older woman (mother figure) Gabby Ngyugen - young Asian girl. huge smile.Amanda Adams - late twenties blonde woman. looks like some celebrity. Former cheerleader apparently? Mitchell “Mitchy” Vance- Good looking younger male. Robby Williams or Wallace - young very young. apparently is apart of some organization group for gay teens.?Jared Pfifer - good looking....Spanish?David Mertz - Good looking man in his fortiesAndi (no last name) - blonde girl early twenties Morgan (no last name) -older gay male...possibly not gay?Melanie (no last name) - no information. I’m not even sure if she was a final houseguest as she had no number just a name and a location where she lives. Florida. Unidentified male - Couldn’t find anything about this guy (possibly no 14th houseguest?) There was a blank spot for him on the sheet with a number....but nothing else.some houseguests know each other from high-school. some listed the same high school that they attended. from what I rememberDavid and Carol know each other or did...Robie and jarred know each other or did....Mitchell and Amanda know each other or did...Gabby and Tara know each other or didThat's all! Dont ask how I got it...just passing on the information i got. I’m a long time Survivor cast spoiler and usually get it right each a sucks under ghostie....take this list for what it is. Never know what could happen in the next fourteen days.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

BB8 Rumors: To Sum Up

From bb8spoiler...
  • An evicted person may be given a chance to return later in the game. Like they did on BB6, when Kaysar was voted back in.
  • Dr Will and/or Janelle will be taking part in the show. It is thought that they may take part in the show somehow or participate as guest hosts.
  • Players from previous Big Brother shows will will be added to the game throughout the duration. These players will be previously nominated by the producers and voted on by the viewers.
  • Rob and Amber are going to be on the show to try and ruin it.
  • Howie will be a guest host on house calls.
  • Celebrity look-a-likes will be this seasons houseguests, paris hilton’s look-a-like would be locked in a cell in the house, with 1hour of recreation time.
  • Big Brother may institute a 3Strikes rule, and any contestant who knowingly or unknowingly breaks 3 of the golden rules, is called to the DR and summarily dumped without a word to the other HGs, then replaced by an alternate HG. Strict lights out policy and wake up times. Serious regimentation. Chores. Etc…. Almost to the point where the season would be referred to as Big Brother Boot Camp. (hmmm... since i was quoted verbatim here and not given credit, I'm not feeling terribly inclined to credit the site that did the sum up, but i do anyhow.)
  • Not really a twist:
    CBS and Showtime will partner to present “Big Brother: After Dark,” a live look inside the BIG BROTHER house during the late-night hours. “Big Brother: After Dark” will feature a live feed from the “Big Brother” house for three hours (12:00-3:00 AM, ET/PT), seven days a week, on the cable network’s “SHOTOO” channel beginning Thursday, July 5.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Marcellas Booted from Housecalls

This comes from Mortys Port..

Alas it is time to make a statement. Due to budget cuts @ CBS Interactive, a format change & my increasingly busy TV and fashion career, I will not be returning as day to day host of House Calls. House Calls was created 4 years ago with me in mind. It is a show that I am tremendously proud to have been a part of. I not only hosted it but helped to produce it. As a part of the Big Brother, family I am honored to have worked on it and have been so closely identified with it. On a more personal note House Calls gave me something amazing, a friend, the brilliant and talented Gretchen Massey. Some of the best times I have ever had on set were during House Calls. I am a fan of the show and shall continue to be a part of it, as well as Big Brother, in any way possible. The producers know that they can call on me any time, day or night and I'm there to help. I look forward to watching my girl Gretchen do her thing and also to an amazing new season of Big Brother. Thank you to all the fans who have supported me and to the producers of House Calls and Big Brother who have helped me so much in my career. Please keep an eye out for me this summer and especially this fall. I am all over the place. From MTV to vh1 to E! to the Style Network. I'm working and truly blessed. Smooches!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Big Brother Live Feeds On Showtime?

Got this annoucement from Entertainment Weekly Online...

Big Brother, After Dark launching on ShowtimeCome July 5, rabid fans of CBS's Big Brother will have a new way to spy on the show's sequestered houseguests: the eye will start airing live feeds from the house on one of its sister Showtime channels. Dubbed Big Brother, After Dark, the live action in the house will air every night from 12 p.m. to 3 a.m. on SHOTOO, a Showtime channel that airs mostly theatricals and adult flicks and is available in over 14 million homes. This is the first time the network has aired live feeds on TV, though they have been available via the internet since BB launched seven years ago. Also new for fans this summer: episodes will be available on The eighth season of Brother will air Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. And yes — host Julie Chen will be back.

It sounds like our wishes have come true if this proves to be true. We now get to watch the sequester house.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Will and Janelle entering the house is still a rumor?

While reading my Big Brother group on Myspace I came across a post from a member with the following statement.

I was watching Pirate Master tonight and I saw an extended version of the promo cbs has been showing for Big Brother. At the end Janelle says something to the effect of "Pay Backs A Bit*h" or at least I think it was something like that and then the commerical cuts to Julie C and she says "It sure is"! Do you think they are hinting to the rumour about Will and Janelle going back into the house at dorm masters or whatever? :)

Do you think Big Brother would really take the chance of bringing Janelle back in the house for a third straight year? I think they are pushing it but at the same time it sounds interesting. Everyone loves doctor Will but would he do it again and leave Erin for a second summer. Would him and Janelle really hook up this time? I guess we wait to find out for sure when the show premiers.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Marcellas says No Janelle

This just in from one of our tipsters: "Just wanted to clear up a rumor!! Just spoke to Marcellas and He said that Janelle would not be cohosting HouseCalls! It will be him & Gretchen just wanted to clear up that rumor!"

Also, "Marcellas also told me he didn't think Housecalls was even going to be because of all the problems with innertube that they had and it was too expensive to make. So who knows!"

Our questions:

  1. Does Marcellas even know?
  2. ...or is he contractually bound to keep his mouth shut about all things BB until the show starts?
  3. ... and is our tipster really even talking to Marcellas?

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Janelle to Co-Host HouseCalls?

This afternoon we've gotten quite a few emails about the following:

  1. Janelle will be hosting House Calls with Gretchen
  2. The rumors on Will and Janie re-entering the house in any way are completely untrue - apparently an April Fool's joke that exploded all over the net.

Both are still rumors. Among the first of many! The Janie one actually makes sense though... Hmmm.

Thoughts on the BB8 Bullies Rumor

Seems everyone's feeling quite negative about the bully idea. When I first heard it, my thought process was quite different... Usually, highschool bullies turn into great big nothings, and the geeks become Bill Gates.

Geeks rule.

THAT was my take on this, and I'm reasonably certain that if this rumor is true, that is what they meant to capitalize on. Take, for example, former BB bullies... they tend to get drummed out pretty darn quick. (with Howie/Busto being the exception to the rule)

Remember, people do grow and change after highschool... and those who were bullied learn a lot more than those who were doing the bullying. ;)

If this is true, there's another reason as well: BB-UK was almost cancelled due to bigotry and bullying last season, and they've officially instituted a "no bullying" policy for this year. This seems rather a knee jerk response from the uber-producers (endemol) to that ruling... Or, it's total hooey, but that's where the rumor stems from completely.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

BB8 Bullies v Bullied?

This tip from our myspace friend, Tammy. Her source: TVgrapevine

It appears possible that CBS and Big Brother 8 are going to fly in the face of wisdom by glorifying school bullies.

It has been reported to this humble reporter on at least 3 occasions from 3 different people, reporting from two different sources that Big Brother 8 is being cast and produced to pit past high school bullies against those they bullied while in school.

Now before we all go jumping off bridges, let's assume the possibilities.

The first possibility is, there is absolutely no truth to the rumors and it is just some sore head spreading rumors because he or she didn't make the cut to be on Big Brother 8.

The second possibility is, it is the truth or close enough to the truth that it is reportable. It is reportable because regardless of how foolish this reporter may look if it isn't the truth, the motive for reporting it is pure.

The motive for reporting something this repugnant should be obvious. All 50 states of the United States of America and all 10 provinces plus the territories of Canada have invoked strong anti bullying policies in their school systems. In some states and provinces laws have been past to severely punish bullies.

We need not look to far back in time to understand the results of bullying in our schools. The result was dead bodies, dead bodies of children, dead bodies young teen adults and dead bodies of teachers.

If CBS has chosen to all allow Big Brother 8 to go down this path, shame on CBS. I would go even further and say, how dare CBS and Big Brother in any way shape or form glorify bullying.

I would be looking for the excuse "We aren't glorifying bullying, it is simply a study in how the relationship between bully and bullied can change." Absolute poppycock is what I say, CBS and Big Brother are not in business to do studies, they are in the business of getting good ratings and selling product.

Just a word of advise to the V.P. in charge of nontraditional programming for CBS. When you want a clean barn, you don't sweep out half the barn and expect it to be clean, you sweep out the entire barn. It is obvious that the problem with Big Brother is a lack of creativity. You only regain that creativity after several years of bad ratings by bringing in new people with fresh ideas and a different perspective to casting.

Big Brother has degenerated to two poles, bad VS good, Kewl VS Nerd, the diversity of the show has disintergrated and along with it so has the ratings. To go the Bully VS Bullied route is just more of the same old same old and in most organizations that is a firing offense.

To close this piece off I am going to assume and hope that this entire idea of using past high school bullies on Big Brother 8 is nothing more than rumor and I am going to be real happy when I find out just how wrong the rumors were. On the other hand if this turns out to be the truth in any way, shape or form, I expect all you wonderful fans and responsible citizens to rebel against the glorification of bullying by putting these kind of people on Big Brother by writing CBS, writing their sponsors and switching to another channel.

Let all our BB friends know about this. I hope its not true....