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Thursday, June 28, 2007

From Dicks Myspace

This comes from Jokers.. I cleaned up the language a bit. I think Dick just might live up to his name. :)

What is it here? Is it just here? Or does it just come with a vagina?Are all girls ***** nuts?Seriously..... I just don't get it. Anytime I meet someone who I think might have some potential, they show me they are nuts in no time. I am glad that it does happen quickly, so there are really no ties or ***** to deal with, but still.....I know I am no prize.... But what the *****?I have my issues, probly the worst one where it comes to girls is that I am way too independent for them to deal with. I don't really go places with friends, I meet them out. I don't wanna be responsible for them or any of their *****, I don't wanna have to get stuck keeping track of anyone, I don't wanna have to get stuck babysitting anyone that thinks because they asked me to drive gives them the greenlight to become a drunken ***** that I have to be responsible for.I go out alone and like it that way.But that is a small part of the problem.The bigger part of the problem is that every ***** girl I meet is a ***** head case. Why do girls want to manipulate you, play ***** guilt head games, and want to make you feel bad about some ***** or another?To all people with a vagina that are reading this....YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE THE ***** CENTER OF ATTENTION 100% OF THE TIME.I ***** UP AND ALWAYS WILL ***** UP, YOU ARE NO BETTER.YOUR PU*** IS NOT THE GOLDEN GOOSE, IT DOES NOT LAY GOLDEN EGGS (and sometimes isn't even that good a lay, period.)ALCOHOL IS LARGE QUANTITIES, IS NOT YOUR FRIEND...... REALLY, IT'S NOTDON'T TELL ME HOW I FEEL ABOUT THE PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE, PEOPLE, PLACES, THINGS, WHO I AM, OR ANYTHING ELSE....... I AM NOT SHY, I SAY HOW I FEEL AND YOU DO NOT KNOW THESE THINGS BETTER THAN I DO.... NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU TELL ME YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL BETTER THAN I DO.IF I SAY YOU ARE BLOWING IT....... or, YOU ARE ***** THIS UP.....DON'T TELL ME NO YOUR NOT. BECAUSE IF I FEEL YOU ARE, YOU ARE.... NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK, YOU ARE.... AND IF IT CONTINUES, YOU WON'T BE AROUND MUCH LONGER.IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU ***** ME ON THE FIRST DATE OR THE FIFTH. IF YOU ARE ***** NUTS, I AM GONNA FIGURE IT OUT EVENTUALLY AND WILL END IT THEN, NO MATTER IF WE HAVE ***** NONSTOP OR NOT AT ALL. SO GET OVER THAT IDEA.NO, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME TO SLEEP OVER NAKED IN MY BED WITH NO INTENTION OF ***** ME. IF YOU ARE NAKED IN MY BED, I AM GONNA C** WITH OR WITHOUT YOUR HELP.YES, I HAVE ***** HOTTER GIRLS THAN YOU, I AM SURE YOU HAVE ***** HOTTER GUYS THAN ME.... SO ***** WHAT? IF THEY WERE THAT ***** GOOD I WOULD STILL BE WITH HER AND YOU WOULD STILL BE WITH HIM. GET THE ***** OVER IT.DON'T COME OUT WITH ME AND MY FRIENDS AND DO ***** TO TRY AND COME BETWEEN OUR FRIENDSHIP. I WILL NEVER LET THAT HAPPEN, YOU WILL BE GONE A LONG TIME BEFORE THEM.... TRUST ME ON THIS.DON'T READ THIS MYSPACE AND THINK YOU HAVE ME ALL FIGURED OUT, I AM MUCH MORE COMPLICATED THAN THAT.I WILL NOT BE ABLE, NOR DO I WANT TO CHANGE WHO I AM FOR YOU.Can't women just enjoy having fun with someone, especially in the beginning?The older I get, the faster I see red flags. Sometimes I ignore them questioning myself, but in the end, I am right.Why did it seem much easier when I was younger? Was I that willing to put up with that much *****? Looking back, probly so.I resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn't find a girl I want to spend time with (girlfriend) until I move to Europe and the more girls I date, the more I believe it as the truth.I don't care where you came from, you are here now and maybe it is in the water.... but it is definitely making every person with a vagina ***** crazy.


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