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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Thoughts on the BB8 Bullies Rumor

Seems everyone's feeling quite negative about the bully idea. When I first heard it, my thought process was quite different... Usually, highschool bullies turn into great big nothings, and the geeks become Bill Gates.

Geeks rule.

THAT was my take on this, and I'm reasonably certain that if this rumor is true, that is what they meant to capitalize on. Take, for example, former BB bullies... they tend to get drummed out pretty darn quick. (with Howie/Busto being the exception to the rule)

Remember, people do grow and change after highschool... and those who were bullied learn a lot more than those who were doing the bullying. ;)

If this is true, there's another reason as well: BB-UK was almost cancelled due to bigotry and bullying last season, and they've officially instituted a "no bullying" policy for this year. This seems rather a knee jerk response from the uber-producers (endemol) to that ruling... Or, it's total hooey, but that's where the rumor stems from completely.


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