Big Brother Rumor Central

Big Brother Rumor Central

Rumors!! We get Rumors. We get Rumors each and every daaaaayyyyy! Amazing how a single show that everyone has the same 24/7 access to can spawn sooo many different rumors. On this page, nothing is sacred, even less is substantiated... and very likely 99% is complete and utter bs, but ya never know... just like a supermarket tabloid. All Big Brother RUMORS will be printed.

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Jacob and Sharon Ex Lovers?

This'll be the first rumor we're posting for Big Brother 9! Everything below this post is relative to Big Brother 8.

If you'd like to link to this post, here's the direct url:

This one just came in to the blog from RAllen! More to come...

"OK, here is another little "spoiler" I think I have figured out....

I believe Jacob and Sharon are exes. Now whether they will paired or not I do not know.
Jacob and Sharon...
She was a Marine brat....he was he went to elementary in Japan.

She just got out of a relationship since 8th grade... Jacob still has feelings for his childhood sweetheart....

Her Bulldog is named Carolina... Jacob was stationed in Jacksonville, NC (also she is a Carolina Panthers fan)

But most of all...she has a tattoo of a design she made herself.. and he has a tattoo designed by his ex....

They are both wearing cross necklaces, hinting at the religious connection also...
so my spidey senses are tingling that perhaps with 2 at least that know each other, perhaps the twist is pairing with others, or maybe choosing the new pair or old flame?

Whaddya think? Sound plausible?

Monday, September 3, 2007

Sequester House

Are you curious to know why CBS has not shown the sequester house or any of the evicted houseguests that made it to the jury? Are you just dying to know if Jen actually went to sequester? Do you want to know what happened when Amber and Dustin were reunited?

According to Spamgirl at Reality BBQ, here may be the answers:
    "[The producers only] anticipate [broadcasting] one jury house package before the end of the season," a CBS spokesperson told Reality TV World on Friday." (from Reality TV World)

    A source at CBS said that this week may be the one where the jury house is shown, and that they hadn't shown anything because the hurricane had delayed their entry into the house. They also said that something happened with Jen (which we may or may not see, depending on what the producers decide).

    Also, rumor has it a reporter slipped and asked Dustin about America's Player... oops! It's also being whispered that Dustin and Jen are being sequestered away from the other HG - Jen because she found the envelope on the couch, and Dustin because of the reporter slip-up.

There is speculation that we will see the sequester house sometime this week.

Source: realitybbq

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Is Jen Dick's Illegitimate Daughter?

We've been getting reports on this for the past week now, and when it showed up in our myspace messages again this morning from our friend Shana, I decided to stop ignoring it. The message boards are buzzing with this one!

    "Has anyone seen a video or read where Jen's mom is fighting with CBS and imploring them not to reveal the HUGE TWIST!! Jen is Dick's ilegitmate daughter!? I heard they were suppose to reveal it like Nakomis and her brother, but things have gotten too far out of hand with the 2. Her mom is asking CBS to allow them to deal with it in private. Someone also said that Jen knows and that is the REAL reason she took down her mom's picture because she didn't want Dick to recognize her... In some ways, it explains alot! And they are sooooo much alike (always wanting attention). If it is true thought I think Big Brother has taken things too far. Please help!"

I'm inclined to ring the BS buzzer loud and clear on this one. How about you?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

No letter or pictures to Daniele from her Boyfriend

Apparently, Daniele went into the DR after seeing her HoH room. She asked why she did not receive any pictures or get a letter from her boyfriend in her HoH Room. Supposedly, they told her that her boyfriend, Kris, did not want anything to do with her anymore.

Daniele said that when she goes home, she plans on taking a time-out with Kris, to clear her mind as far as he and Nick go. In her last HoH Blog, she wrote four sentences to Kris and three paragraphs to Nick.

I'm wondering if her feelings for Nick are much stronger than she led us to believe on the show. I think it's more than Friendship for her, and from the sweet letter Nick sent it seems to be more than friendship to him too. Did Dani roll the dice and lose her boyfriend... and possibly find the love of her live? Time will tell...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jen Knows About America's Player

Here's an interesting Rumor that was posted about Jen today as a comment on the Big Brother Addicts Blog on myspace. Thank you to Shana and EvilBitch for calling our attention to it!

    "Ok, I just got the Jen low-down from a PA at CBS. Apparently, very early on in the game, Eric was leaving the DR and Jen was going in. Eric had just received some instructions, but the staff left the envelope on the couch. Jen came in and found it, and saw HER name on the card (it was a vote on getting someone put on the block). At that time, they had to scramble and fill her in, although she doesn't know the names are coming from America- she just thinks it BB. This now explain why she's calling him 'Mr. America" (it's on the outside of the envelope), and why she's fairly cocky about knowing so much more than others. For the record, they did not tell Eric that she knows. Also, there has been no proof or even suspicion of either Eric OR Jen telling anybody else about his status. Oh, yeah- in return for playing along, if Jen wins the money, she does NOT have to give up the $250K she wagered."

You make the call - true or b.s.?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Possible Coup d'Etat for BB8

This is a HUGE rumor of COUP D'ETAT circulating the Big Brother online community.

The rumors:

  1. Dick found a note under a chess piece. Although the meaning of the note is yet unknown, tons of speculation is making its way through the live feed watching, Big Brother world.
  2. Dick saw something in the mirrors...
  3. The writing on the Hookah - Dick noticed the writing on the bottom of the hookah was a phrase from Alice in Wonderland.
  4. Dick and Dani have already had DR sessions about this, and both left the DR very happy.
  5. Dick has already won the Coup d'Etat.
Why this is likely a load of hooey. BB keeps secrets from the House Guests, not the viewing public. The more they tell us, the more we watch. When AGP or CBS is about to pull off a big stunt, they want everyone to watch - not just the live feed viewers.

For the unfamiliar, Coup d'Etat, began during the Big Brother All-Stars season. The concept was cool, but ultimately it fell flat, because Boogie had no idea what to do with it.

The All-Stars were given 3 clues that made up a phrase, and they were allowed to take a guess at that phrase at any time, but only one guess. Only the winner was told if they had made the correct guess. The winner was never announced to the other house guests, and he wasn't allowed to tell them directly that he'd won either.

As you might suspect by the name, the POWER of the coup d'etat is the ability to usurp power by overthrowing the current HoH and replacing the nominations with nominees of your own choosing... just like a Coup D'Etat anywhere else in the world...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Eric Exposes Himself to Jessica

6:57pm BBT
Sunday, August 12th, 2007

The hot rumor on the live feed chats right now is that Eric told Jessica that he's America's Player. We can neither confirm nor deny. It was supposedly said in a whisper, and while it appeared on Jokers momentarily, it was quickly removed. We've also found NO youtube videos of this event, and our resources there are vast...

Still the rumor persists.

We will continue trying to confirm. If you have video, please leave the link here in the comments section. Video proof is the only evidence that will take this from rumor to fact, and move this story from here to the main blog.