Big Brother Rumor Central: Will and Janelle entering the house is still a rumor?

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Friday, June 8, 2007

Will and Janelle entering the house is still a rumor?

While reading my Big Brother group on Myspace I came across a post from a member with the following statement.

I was watching Pirate Master tonight and I saw an extended version of the promo cbs has been showing for Big Brother. At the end Janelle says something to the effect of "Pay Backs A Bit*h" or at least I think it was something like that and then the commerical cuts to Julie C and she says "It sure is"! Do you think they are hinting to the rumour about Will and Janelle going back into the house at dorm masters or whatever? :)

Do you think Big Brother would really take the chance of bringing Janelle back in the house for a third straight year? I think they are pushing it but at the same time it sounds interesting. Everyone loves doctor Will but would he do it again and leave Erin for a second summer. Would him and Janelle really hook up this time? I guess we wait to find out for sure when the show premiers.


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