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Rumors!! We get Rumors. We get Rumors each and every daaaaayyyyy! Amazing how a single show that everyone has the same 24/7 access to can spawn sooo many different rumors. On this page, nothing is sacred, even less is substantiated... and very likely 99% is complete and utter bs, but ya never know... just like a supermarket tabloid. All Big Brother RUMORS will be printed.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Jen was coached by chill town?

I was wondering why this player reminded me of a wanna be Dr Will and Boogie. I guess I found my answer? :)

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Weeping Amber

In an unbelievable story that sounds like it is right out of the pages of a Hollywood script, every day, starting last week, dozens of people have been visiting the CBS lot trying to gain access to the set of Big Brother. Extra security guards have had to be stationed both at the Big Brother house, as well as at the entrance to CBS studios.

The reason for this strange occurrence is the unusual religious experiences going on within the house in the teachings of the bible and religion between Jameka, a single mother from the Washington, DC area and Amber, a former drug addict, casino cocktail waitress and single mother of one, from Las Vegas.

Amber, since entering the house, has had tears flow from her eyes on a daily basis. Producers have commented, according to sources, that."It took us a while to realize it was Amber sobbing, not just crying" said the source. "My assistant and I both collapsed when the truth sank in."

Amber's crying has since been so constant it has forced Big Brother to place cotton balls under her eyes to collect the moisture. Church officials are aware of the crying situation, but have no comment until an investigation can be completed.

Officials are equating Amber to that of the Weeping Statues which have been documented around the world.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Help On The Way For Zach!

An Associate Clinical Professorof Urology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, and fellow, American College of Surgeons, has announced today that he will perform penis enlargement surgery free of charge to Big Brother 8 contestant Zach Swerdzewski following the viewing of a late night, live broadcast of a streaking incident within the Big Brother House.

According to the Doctor, who wishes to remain anonymous for Zach's privacy, he specializes in male genital surgery. 95% of his practice involves phalloplasty. With surgery, Zach should be able to gain length and width in both the flaccid and erect state, as well as glanular enhancement.

Comments made by fellow house guests during the streaking of Zach ranged from "all I saw was a hairy patch," to "it was really gross" and "it's so small".

The Doctor explained that he will make his offer to Zach explaining that the operation will give him more confidence both in and out of the bedroom. Zach will have 1 year to have the free surgery, and will not have any obligations to promote his new and improved penis, or to discuss it following surgery, according to the Doctor and his medical team.

A spokesperson for Big Brother at CBS declined comment.

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Mike and Jen?

Rumor has it on the feeds Mike does really have a thing for Jen. I don't buy it. She is evil, really heartless. I guess time will tell if this is true. Will they share the same bed? Last picture I seen of her sleeping was with her toothbrush!


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Prince in Wonderland?

According to sources at the Sturgis Journal, Prince may be making a visit to the Big Brother house this season!

Be sure to watch here for more details!

Personally, I think they should get 'Simon and Garfunkle' in for a special rendition of Mrs. Robinson!

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Slop Latest Restaurant Dish!

It was announced late today, in the foothiils of the Cascades along the McKenzie River in Blueriver, Oregon, that the Historical Holiday Farm Resort Restaurant and Bar will be adding a very special addition to its' menu begining with tonights dinner.

Owner Darin Harbick, said that although the new addition was not the most appealing dish he had served at his restaurant, it was being offered to support his wife who is currently a contestant on the CBS television show, Big Brother. In that show, Harbicks wife, Kail, is one among 14 house guests currently vying for a half million dollar prize.

Contestants participate in various challenges during the week, among them a food challenge. In the food challenge held today, Kail Harbick is on the losing team and must eat 'slop' for her meals.

Darin Harbick invites you to join him for dinner in the historic Farmhouse Dining Room, with a special side of Kail's Big Brother Slop!

The Harbick's special slop will be available only when Kail is on her special diet of slop. The restaurant is open 7 nights a week from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Daniele Nicole Kidman's Sister?

According to sources, CBS Big Brother 8 house guest, Daniele Donato, is currently under consideration for a major film role where she would play the sister of Nicole Kidman in a yet to be named film. Donato, who will be 21 in August, is currently in competition for a $500,000 prize with 13 other people.

The film is a suspense-comedy which takes place in the 70'2, and follows the story of two sisters brought together following the death of the older sister's husband. The film takes places in Maine, although the majority of filming would be done in California, beginning in late October.

Other rumored cast members include Dakota Fanning as the youngest sister, in a small role, and Joanne Woodward as Kidman and Donato's mother.

Daniele Donato (2007)

Nicole Kidman (2005)

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Mike Boogie Confirms the Rumor
Chill Town Infiltrates bb8!

Last night in the bb house, during a meal of over cooked rice and chili powder less chili, Jen stated that she “did not want to win big brother”, and would be “happy with second place”, when asked what she would do with the $ 500,000 winnings.

A strange answer for a woman who at the end of May was sitting on a beach in Bermuda with members of ‘Chill Town’, according to GlobalTV.

According to Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin, Big Brother All-Star Winner, Jen Johnson vacationed with both himself and Dr. Will Kirby, in Bermuda, at the end of this past May, and received coaching tips on the game.

“I am not saying she will definitely pull it off as there is only so much Chill Town can do from the outside but hopefully she will go a long way," said an optimistic Malin.

He went on to say that "She will definitely be Chill Town extended if she follows our coaching tips.”

'Boogie' has managed to follow the new season and already has his favorites, besides Jen, that is.

"I really like the gay couple. I think they are going to save the show.
Everyone else seems so
rt of homogenous.

The gay couple and the father/ daughter pair will be the sensational aspects of the show”

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

G'day Mate - An Aussie Connection?

Traveling to exotic locations, great photography, surfing, dolphins, ocean life and diving. These are the loves of big brother 8 house guest Zach Swerdzewski, and the premise behind the company he founded, Dolphin Crash.

So where do you go when you want some of the best diving in the world?

According to,

“The Land Down Under is prime territory for diving.
The Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea is arguably the best diving in the world.”

It is highly likely that Zach has been to Australia.

Nick has spent a great deal of time in Australia, leaving the country as recently as this past May from a teaching position there. With his additional experience in fitness modeling, it is very possible that both Nick and Zach could have known each other prior to arriving at the big brother house.

Zach would need people to model for his company, and Nick would be the perfect model for him.

Could this be another secret twist, or might it possibly be something big brother is unaware of?

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Is Jen Vanna White's Kid's Nanny??

Is Jen Vanna White's kids Nanny? Kail just asked her, "Do you ever go shopping with Vanna?" Jen responded, "No, not really. Cuz whenever we go shopping, it's more like, 'Do you need anything? No, do you need anything." Hmmm...

I'd bet on this one. I'm surprised production let it slip.

By the way, if you check Vanna White's imdb, her two kids are 10 and 13... the ages of the kids Jen says she's the nanny to... By jove, I think we've nailed it.

Eric 3rd Gay Guy in House?

I heard from Billy the other day.

“Bro,” he said, "Eric is gay, Dude. What straight guy gets his nips pierced?” I had to admit that he had a good point, so I asked around, and quite a few guys felt Eric was showing up on their gaydar.

According to the website
duckyxdale, “America’s Player Eric is so confused. He’s possibly a closet gay but still is the good all American boy with lots of college guy friends still so he can’t come out. He looks like Poindexter but then has his nipples pierced.”

Jaden who lives in the United Kingdom, thinks bb in the UK had a reason for putting more than 2 gay guys in the house.

“ If they stuck two gay guys in they would OBVIOUSLY have sex with each other and it would be ‘scandalous’, he said.

He went on to add that “the two gay guys didn't ACTUALLY have gay sex, which surprised Channel 4 (the network). I mean, who'd have thought two gay guys wouldn't automatically want to screw each other?”

Jaden continued, “They added a third gay guy, hoping to increase the odds that something would happen between 2 of them!”

Are there 3 gay guys in the game? Is it Eric? Does it matter? Could there possibly be more than 3?

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Monday, July 9, 2007

Another Secret Twist?

If you were watching the Live Feeds or Showtime’s After Dark early Monday on (7/9) at 12:33 AM BBT, you heard a discussion going on between Dustin, Eric, Joe, Amber and Dick in the back yard. The conversation was about casting and what they did for it. Dick tells a story about when he went to casting he saw Danielle’s name on the list and told the people in casting that she was his daughter.

The feed is then immediately interrupted with a blue screen. What didn’t Big Brother want us to see and hear?

So we know that Dick and Danielle tried out for Big Brother 6. Now Dick sees his daughter’s name on the casting list.. I ask you.. Even if you were not on great terms, wouldn’t you pick up the phone to see how your daughter was doing in the process? Particularly if you yourself were also in it? If you were too estranged, as her Father, don’t you think you would at least ask your son to call his sister?

Could they also be part of a secret twist that Big Brother has planned?

What do you think?

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Secret Twist?

If you were watching the Live feeds or Showtime’s After Dark on Sunday (7/8) at 9:37 PM BBT, you heard a discussion going on between Nick and Zach, who are both part of the Kail/bodybuilder alliance. They were discussing their alliance and splitting money in the final 2 again. They discussed who they are tight with.

  • NICK: Mike is tight with some people. Who are you tight with?
  • ZACH: I'm tight with Dustin.
  • NICK: Me, you, Kail and Mike. We don't have to talk
  • ZACH: Cause it was built a long time ago. Two people have to go up. One from that six, and one with that "pseudo-alliance" with Joe. If I get HOH, I will put up, honestly, I haven't made a decision. Probably Joe and Jameka. She's a sleeper. She'll be the one to go because she'll put a hissy fit in front of everyone.
  • ZACH: This is what I wanted to ask you. This was the agreement. If you and I are the final 2. My agreement with you is off, because you will win 50 grand either way. I will give you 50 grand.

The feed is then immediately interrupted with a blue screen, what didn’t Big Brother want us to see and hear?

I think it is strange, that here are 2 guys, that according to what we have been told, met each other a week ago when they entered the Big Brother House. But if you had known someone a week, would you refer to it as “a long time ago” as Zach does with Nick when discussing their plan?

Could they be part of a secret twist that Big Brother has planned?

What do you think?

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

'Big Brother' Housemates Will Contend With Small Dilemma, And A Mole

This I believe is true, it comes from Jokers.

'Big Brother' Housemates Will Contend With Small Dilemma, And A MoleJuly 5, 2007 Now that their cavemen have been adapted for a new fall sitcom, the GEICO ad men have apparently provided a big idea for another prime-time show.Outwardly, "Big Brother 8" (CBS, 8 p.m.) will look just like the seven previous seasons of the summer time-waster, with a mostly young cast and built-in tension among housemates with standing beefs.An America Votes element will be more important than ever, as one houseguest's role will be to do only what the viewers want (as determined by interactive voting), including voting others out. And the always-possible sexual trysts will be more welcome than ever because the show will also run uncensored nightly with the three-hour "Big Brother After Dark" (Showtime Too, midnight).But there will be something very familiar about the show, too, when the guests, some of them well over 6 feet tall, will find that the furniture for "Big Brother" house will be shrunk, with beds no longer than 5 feet. Hmm, sounds a little like "Tiny House," which GEICO so perfectly conceived in 2005 to make viewers think it was a new reality show."The marriage was built to last, but the house was built too small," the familiar announcer intones in the old ad, which ends: "The drama will be real ... but it won't save you any money on car insurance."Possibly to avoid such comparison to the (sadly) never made "Tiny House," one room on "Big Brother 8" is oversize, where guests must climb to get to the dresser's top drawer.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Exclusive Inside Scoop on Survivor: China

Exclusive Inside Scoop on Survivor: China, Survivor: All-Stars China & the Cast!

Yeah, yeah.. I know this isn't Big Brother, but this is so BIG, it deserves a home in dishchickdom!

Source: Reality Exploits
by Lynn on July 1st, 2007

"Are you ready for this, folks? There will actually be two seasons of Survivor filmed in the location in China. They have booked the location for six full months and will film two seasons back-to-back!!

Let me preface this post with the statement that this comes from an extremely reliable source who needs to remain nameless. Thanks so very much to that person!! They know who they are!!

The first of the two will be a regular season of Survivor. Then, the second of the two will be an All-Stars season. And here’s who we can expect to see on the All-Stars season so far:

    * Dreamz - I hope they kick his lying butt off first!! (Gee, did that sound bitter?) ;-)
    * Cao Boi - Yea! He was a fun person on his season and it’ll be fun to see him again!
    * Bruce Kanegai - he’s the one that had to leave Panama Island because of health issues. I really like him and look forward to seeing him compete without the health problems!!
    * Billy Garcia - What a cool guy!
    * Ozzy Lusth - who wouldn’t expect him in the All-Stars?
    * “Redneck” James Miller - He’s a great character!

If they need an alternate from Fiji, Rocky will be the one.

Yau-Man was offered a spot, but turned it down.

    * As for the women, if they can find a way to justify letting Stephanie DeGrasso be on a third season, she’ll be back for the All-Stars.
    * They thought about bringing Julie Berry back for the All-Stars, but there’s buzz that she and Jeff Probst are secretly married - The way I see it, whether they are married or not, just the fact that they are in a serious relationship makes it a conflict of interest…but that’s just me.
    * They are considering bringing back Cristina Coria to be on the show, but it’s not firmed up yet. She’s an awesome person! I hope she gets on the show again!

Apparently, they are having a tougher time getting the women to agree to do it again. Most of the ones they have approached so far have declined to be on the All-Stars.

They decided not to bring back any previous winners this time. They are trying to get at least one man and one woman from each of the seasons since Palau. And once the production is complete on the first China season, they will ask a man and a woman from that season to join the All-Stars.

They plan to have the All-Star season divided into two tribes: Before Jury and After Jury.

What a great couple of seasons we have to look forward to!! Apparently, they are already in production for the first China season and the All-Stars will be in production during October & November.

There is a tiny bit of speculation that the second All-Stars season may be the end of the Survivor run. I truly hope that’s not the case!! It’s the granddaddy of all reality shows and has one of the most loyal followings!!"

20 Houseguests on Big Brother 8??

A couple hours ago, we posted about the possible 15th HG. Now this:

From the Constant Chatter Forum...

    There's speculation that there might be 20 houseguests, because the symbol for this season is a palm tree and the sun with 20 arms/rays. I can't even imagine 20 ppl in the house!

It's BB season, alright. Let the rumor mill churn!

Might there be a 15th Houseguest on Big Brother??

Jokers posted this video...

Might there be a 15th HG?


Big Brother 8
Are Amber and Eric Twins?

This just in from our myspace friend Carolyn (not me, another Carolyn!) I have to say she has a point! Looking at the these two side by side, there is a VERY strong resemblance! For starters, the noses are identical!

    What do you guys think? I read somewhere Amber has a older brother named Eric. Maybe they are TWINS!
    Notice the mole is the same you think it is possible?

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Carolyn, along with our friend Susan, have a great new Big Brother page on myspace. It's sure to have tons of great stuff all summer long!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

BB8: Rivalries Revealed

Could these be true? Some are pretty funny. This comes from Jokers.