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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nudity WILL be allowed on "After Dark!"

I think this is a bit much? We'll see if it happens soon.

"American Big Brother Will Allow Nudity This Season"Big Brother is going balls-out in its return this summer-- literally-- as CBS simultaneously launches an almost-uncensored spin-off series on cable. Big Brother: After Dark will feature a live, unedited feed from the "Big Brother" house, three three hours a night (midnight til 3 am ET/PT) on ShoToo, Showtime's widely available companion net.With so many cameras in the house capturing multiple storylines, an online producer will decide which camera views audiences will see. But producers are making it clear that profanity and nudity will be allowed. Up until Big Brother season 5 in 2004, nudity was allowed on the show's webcast on most contestants did a good job hiding their naked bodies from the cameras, four notable contestants went full frontal: 35 year old restaurant hostess Tonya Paoni, 22 year old retail manager Allison Irwin, 26 year old bartender and winner of BB3 Lisa Donahue, and the most nudity came from 23 year old real estate appraiser Amy Crews, who frequently walked around the house completely naked. The new season begins July 5th.


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