Big Brother Rumor Central: May 2007

Big Brother Rumor Central

Rumors!! We get Rumors. We get Rumors each and every daaaaayyyyy! Amazing how a single show that everyone has the same 24/7 access to can spawn sooo many different rumors. On this page, nothing is sacred, even less is substantiated... and very likely 99% is complete and utter bs, but ya never know... just like a supermarket tabloid. All Big Brother RUMORS will be printed.

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Monday, May 28, 2007


Thanks for coming to check out BB8 Rumor Central. Since the show has yet to begin, the rumors haven't really started flying yet, but as soon as they do, here's where you can gettem!

Check out the post below for official Big Brother 8 Rumor #1!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Janelle & Will

Janelle and Will will be back in the Big Brother 8 house as Resident Advisors to the newbie HGs - Momma Bear and Poppa Bear, if you will. Later in the season, Janie and Will compete to get into the house as HGs themselves.. for one more go at the 500K.

BB8 Rumor Central!!

We make every effort to keep the homefront rumor free, but boy-o-boy to we get our share of rumor tips!! Some of them actually pan out, but most of them are completely fabricated wishful thinking spawned of urban legend or Big Brother Live Feeds Chats, just plain creativity, or lies, as your no-nonsense grampa would've said.

So, rather than sullying the pages of bbdishchickdom with idle gossip, we've created this site as the fertile dumping ground for all things that just reeeeeeek of rumor and innuendo! We'll post EVERYTHING we hear here, so there are gonna be some serious doozies.

Consider this page the trashy supermarket checkout line magazine of the Big Brother world.

But... it will be that much more fun if you post yours too! That's what the comment section is for, so have at it! ;) You comment, we'll investigate. That's a promise.

Wont it be interesting to see how many rumors actually come true?!