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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

BB8 Through the Looking Glass

We ought to know for sure tomorrow, but we may just have a sneak peak at the new decor of the Big Brother 8 house.

From Reality BBQ...

    We had a walk through of the house last week.

    It has an Alice in Wonderland theme. The colors are pastel and very bright. This house will pop! The bug room is now a room for "big people" and through a small door is a room for "little people". The Love/Hate room is now "The Harem". The back yard is filled with animal shaped bushes. The wall upstairs's wallpaper is a summer northeastern forest.

    It was all quite beautiful.

Hmm.. big people and little people... I'm having images of the Roloffs and the (Shaquille) O'Neals.


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