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Monday, July 9, 2007

Secret Twist?

If you were watching the Live feeds or Showtime’s After Dark on Sunday (7/8) at 9:37 PM BBT, you heard a discussion going on between Nick and Zach, who are both part of the Kail/bodybuilder alliance. They were discussing their alliance and splitting money in the final 2 again. They discussed who they are tight with.

  • NICK: Mike is tight with some people. Who are you tight with?
  • ZACH: I'm tight with Dustin.
  • NICK: Me, you, Kail and Mike. We don't have to talk
  • ZACH: Cause it was built a long time ago. Two people have to go up. One from that six, and one with that "pseudo-alliance" with Joe. If I get HOH, I will put up, honestly, I haven't made a decision. Probably Joe and Jameka. She's a sleeper. She'll be the one to go because she'll put a hissy fit in front of everyone.
  • ZACH: This is what I wanted to ask you. This was the agreement. If you and I are the final 2. My agreement with you is off, because you will win 50 grand either way. I will give you 50 grand.

The feed is then immediately interrupted with a blue screen, what didn’t Big Brother want us to see and hear?

I think it is strange, that here are 2 guys, that according to what we have been told, met each other a week ago when they entered the Big Brother House. But if you had known someone a week, would you refer to it as “a long time ago” as Zach does with Nick when discussing their plan?

Could they be part of a secret twist that Big Brother has planned?

What do you think?

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